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Three “Fun With Knowledge” Websites To Get Rid Of Boredom

There are times when you sit in front of our computer but can’t manage to find anything interesting to do. In those times either you use Facebook or watch videos on YouTube. So does it mean that you have only two options to throw away our boredom? No, I have found many other websites fully loaded of fun with knowledge which you can surf when you are bored. These websites not only delivers fun but also information.

I believe one should get rid of boredom by “fun with knowledge” way instead of surfing some useless and filthy websites. So I have brought you three awesome websites which delivers fun as well as knowledge.

Life Hacker 

Life Hacker is a great blog which describe itself in one sentence “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done”.  It’s a blog which teaches you tricks about the complexity of life. It contains blog posts about time management, human behavior, DIY, technology, money, job etc. Overall it’s an extraordinary website with many types of information related to our daily life.

This Is Why I’m Broke

This websites lists unique products which you cannot find easily on internet.  To be honest there are some products which are hard to believe that they exist, like a self cleaning shirt, Skully display motorcycle helmet, Turn Signal Backpack etc. So if you are interested buying those products then this website could help you finding them at one place.

Free Rice

FreeRice is a website supported by the United Nations World Food Programme. On this website you can donate rice by playing multiple-choice quiz games related to many subjects. Every time when you answer a question right, it donates 10 grains rice to the World Food Programme. If you answer a question wrong then it shows the correct answer in the bottom of question. You don’t need to pay any money to play the game.

Sometimes it becomes too difficult to pass the time on internet but using above sites can engage you into something good. This way, you can increase your knowledge and help other people getting food too.

About the author
Himanshu is an SEO professional, writer and online marketer. He helps businesses to grow their online visibility and sales. He likes to write about gadgets, smartphones, SEO & internet marketing. He is fond of music, musical instruments, cricket & movies. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Google +

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