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Now Find Royalty Free Images On Google With So Ease

Google Image Search
A picture is worth a thousand words and so, images are very important when you have a story to tell. Images play a vital role in blogging, it makes a blog post attractive and as well as add value to content. Finding images is pretty easy by using Google Image Search tool, but finding free images with no copyright issues is not that simple task.

You could find free images with Google Image Search tool however, you had togo through multiple menus in advanced search option to find a royalty free image. But now Google has made this so easy to use this option. Google has plugged this option in ‘search tool’ menu with filters.

To do that you need to go to Google image search and type your query, after this you need to click on “search tool”. Then a menu bar will appear with options like size, color, type, time, “usage rights” and more tools. You need to click on usage rights, it will open a drop down menu containing five types of image filters. You can choose which type of filter you want to apply according to your needs.

search with usage rights on google

The head of Google’s web spam team “Matt Cutts” also tweeted about this update on 13 Jan, 2014 to confirm this update.
I personally find this feature pretty useful, I had to dig deep in advanced search options to find a royalty free image but now I can use this option straightaway. Thank you Google, for bringing this nice feature upfront.

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