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Motorola's Invention: Skin Tattoo with Microphone

In this world of technology where two tech giants (Apple & Samsung) are fighting for design related patents, Motorola (owned by Google) filed a patent application for electronic skin tattoo.

As the name “Google” associated with Motorola, there has to be something special with this tattoo, it can’t be ordinary and so it is not. It’s a special tattoo that can communicate with tablets, smart phones and gaming devices. This E-tattoo needs to be placed near to your throat or vocal cord so that it can detect changes in your throat muscles and then sends these to a smart phone or any other device wirelessly.

You may still wonder how this tattoo works, so let’s understand some of the technical details of this e-tattoo and the main idea behind it. It consists of a controller, transceiver, signal processor, audio circuit and obviously a power supply.

There is a microphone that is capable of picking sound by reading vibration of throat muscles. When a user makes a phone call, this microphone reads the vibrations sounds and transmit it wirelessly to the smart phone. This could make communication quite easy even in noisy environments like stadium, restaurant etc.

However, there is no predefined release date for E-tattoo but rumors are there that Motorola’s new handset MOTO G’s software may be updated to work with this device. But as you all know that patent submission can’t guarantee availability of technology. So we can only wait till it’s official launch.

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