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Is Your Gmail Id Private? Not Anymore!

Today when I woke up in the morning and checked my Gmail inbox, I found an email from Gmail Team. It was titled as “Gmail update: Reach more people you know”, I started reading it and when I was done with it I got to know that Google has introduced a new feature that allows a stranger to send email to an unknown Google+ user. All you need is to type their name in the 'send to' field of Gmail’s compose window.

Google said the new feature will make communicating with friends easier as you don’t necessarily need a person’s email id to send him an Email but on the other hand this recent update has raised a privacy concern too, our Gmail id is not private anymore.

However, Google said that users who do not want to receive Emails from other Google+ users can use a setting, which allows them to receive Emails only from those who are in their network of friends.

To set this setting you need to go to settings (top right corner of Gmail) then scroll down to "Email via Google+" option and then you need to choose your desirable option. If you don’t want to receive any emails from anyone then select “No One”. If you want to receive Emails from those who are in your network then select “Circles”. If you want to receive Emails from your friend’s friends too then you can select “Extended Circles”

Google regularly updates its services to provide a better and new user experience, few months back Google changed its home page logo and introduced a navigation launcher. The navigation launcher was a quite good move by Google as it lets you access Google's main services so easy.

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