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This Social Image Search Algorithm Will Find You, Even In Untagged Pictures

Parham Aarabi - Owner of Aarabi's Mobile
Just imagine that you searching for your friend’s pictures and you found some of those on which he/she was not even tagged.  Isn’t it wonderful!!

A new algorithm has been developed by Parham Aarabi owner of Aarabi's Mobile Applications Lab and Ron Appel, his former student to show those image results also in which that particular person is not even tagged.

Suppose you and your little sister clicked a photo together while playing on the beach and you both are tagged. In another picture you and your father are enjoying beer on the beach. You are both tagged in that. Here comes the algorithm in the picture, because of your tagging in both the pictures, the algorithm can determine that a relation exists between those two pics.

In third picture you are playing in swimming pool with your sister and father but only your sister is tagged. Now from the tagging relation between your family member when someone searches for the picture of you or your father then this third picture will also come in the search result.

Social Image Search Algorithm

According to Aarabi” Facebook has more than billion users but more than 0.5 trillion images, our algorithm is based on number of pictures rather it is based on number of tags, which makes it more efficient”.

Currently this algorithm is used only for research purpose, but Aarabi and Appel aims to see it included in on various social networks.

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