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Five Best Features Of Android KitKat

android kitkat
A few months ago Google announced its new Android version of mobiles which Google named as Kitkat. We all know that it is a famous chocolate brand of Nestle. To use the name KitKat for new Android version 4.3 Google made a tie up with nestle a few months back. To attract more users to switch to Kitkat Android OS, Google and Chocolate maker Nestle are also offering KitKat with a contest which is offering a chance for users to win a Nexus smartphone by Google.

The new version of Android operating system comes along with some exciting features which were not there in the previous version. I have selected five best features among all which matters a lot in smartphone world, here they are:-

Kitkat has an improved dialer

The new version of Android OS has brought a new dialer for you. This dialer can also fetch the contact details from Google Maps, all you need is to type the Google map listing name in search. It also offers favorite contacts separately which you use the most.

KitKat has an improved voice search option

No doubt voice search is a great feature of Android OS but the new version Kitkat offers this function with some enhancement like natural language and more clarifying questions.

KitKat has a screen recording option

This version of Android brings you a very nice feature of recording your smartphone screen. This option will let you capture your screen movements in MP4 file format with high quality.

KitKat has improved audio enhancements

Android 4.4 KitKat offers various improvements in audio section. This new version of Android will let you use high audio sound with a less amount of battery power used. New music visualizers have been placed in this new version to give you a fresh experience.

KitKat has improved Email and downloads apps

KitKat has brought some refreshment in downloading and email apps, downloading option comes with a new sorting feature like grid views, list views etc. Nested folders, improved navigation and contact photos are some new functions included in Email app.

Above five are the major advancements in the new version of Android OS, there are many more features which makes KitKat an unique mobile OS. To use those feature you will have to upgrade to Android KitKat

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