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A1 Website Analyzer: Another Great SEO Tool

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about Screaming Frog, it’s a great SEO tool which helps you to analyze your website as well as finding errors. Although there are some more tools which functions like screaming frog but one of them is quite impressive. This tool is A1 Website Analyzer, it’s a quite efficient and easy to use tool which can let you analyze your website.

A1 Website Analyzer
What can this tool do:

This tool is a complete package which facilitates many SEO tasks. A1 website analyzer lets you improve internal linking structure, validate HTML and CSS etc. You can run a complete website audit and in the end this tool will notify you of the issues related to titles, meta, canonical, custom search, response codes, HTML errors. Google analytics code etc.

A1 website analyzer is a comprehensive link checker tool to find and solve issues of all broken links and URL redirects. It can help you to improve the internal linking between web pages so that link juice can flow throughout the site. You can also easily export all the data to .CSV files / Excel.

OS Support:

This website checker supports all major Windows platforms starting from initial version 'Windows 98' to latest version 'Windows 8'. If you want to use this tool with Mac and Linux then you will have to use virtualization software.

Fee and Availability

This tool comes with a free trial period of One month, even in the trial period this tool provides you its full functionality. A1 Website Analyzer's latest version 5.0 is now available to download and If you like this tool then you can buy its one year license which cost 69 USD for a single user.

Final words:

It’s a must try SEO analyzer with some spectacular features to improve your website. So download the software, install it and solve your website’s issues. Don’t forget to tell us your reviews about this analyzer in comment box.

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