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Happy 15th Birthday Google

15 years ago Larry Page and Sergey Brin started a search engine named Google at a garage in Menlo Park, California (United States). Today this company has 44,777 employees and worth 200 Billion US dollars.
Google's garage in Menlo Park
Garage in Menlo Park where Google was born.

This week Google turned 15 and celebrating its birthday by offering an interactive doodle game on its home page. All you need is to hit the star shaped piñata by using space bar on your keyboard or left click of your mouse. Every time you hit the piñata drops candies on the floor. You get 10 chances to hit the piñata, the harder you hit the more candies and happy expression of alphabets you get.

Google's 15th Birthday Doodle

Google's 15th Birthday Doodle Game

Google's 15th Birthday Game
Since it's inception Google has played various time with its logo, most of the times Google carried on with conventional alphabetical logo and on special occasion it released a special animated doodle. This game doodle is another big present from Google to its users after launching a new Google logo a few days ago.

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