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Best 3 Smart Watches In The World

In past few years smart phones have grown so well, companies like Samsung, Apple, Sony have made millions of dollars by selling smart phones. However in past couple of years smart watches have created a buzz as well. There are people who want to adopt the new way to access social media, time and email accounts etc on wrist, but which smart watch matches the best with your need and wrist? This is an issue to resolve, to help you with that here are 3 best smart watches in the world.

Pebble Smart Watch (Price - $150)
Pebble Smart Watch
Pebble is probably the best smart watch in the market, it gives you alerts from your Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email accounts. Its battery last for up to 7 days after a single charge. It’s a lightweight smart watch which fits your wrist comfortably. It is waterproof up to 50 meters down in the water and available in white, black, orange, Cherry Red and gray colors.

Sony Smart Watch (Price - $150)
Sony Smart watch

Sony smart watch is another great smart watch with 1.3 inch OLED screen. It is comfortable to wear, it can be charged and connected via a USB port situated in the bottom of watch. There are many applications available in the smart watch like Twitter, Facebook etc that show you the latest updates and posts. You can also connect this watch with other Sony devices very easily.

Motorola MotoActv (Price - $249.99 (8GB) and $299 (16GB)

Motorola MotoActv
It’s a water resistant robust smart watch from Motorola. It is famous among Fitness enthusiastic people because it gives you 40 different types of exercise methods, for example cycling, running, walking, martial arts, yard walk etc. When you're outside, the MotoActv activates its GPS radio for location-based data.

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