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What To Expect From iPhone 5s

Yesterday Apple announced the release date of iPhone 5s, which is 10th Sep 2013. It is informed that Apple will host an event on September 10 to unveil iOS7 and iPhone 5S both. This is a big date for those who are eagerly waiting for iPhone 5s but what can we expect from this device? Let’s find out.

Fingerprint scanner:
After Apple bought AutheTec (a biometric security firm), It has been in the news that the next version of iphone will have a finger print scanner So people are expecting this feature to be the key feature of iPhone 5s success.

Powerful GUI:
Apple could be upgrading the GUI experience with faster A7 CPU and Sharp's IGZO displays. Apple could also improve viewing angles and contrast level to provide better visual to users.

Better Camera:
Another important upgrade could be a better 13 mega pixel camera with video recording capability of 60fps and a dual-LED flash module. The sensor could get upgrade as well with f/2.0 aperture, this means we can take better photographs in low light.

Enhanced voice recognition system:
Apple could go for enhanced voice recognition system so that siri can detect human voice better. This will also provide improved call quality.

Better Battery life:
This is highly expected feature in the newer version of iPhone. As Apple would be upgrading better GUI, camera, voice recognition thus a better battery life is required.

Another Expectation:- iPhone 5s could also come with gold color model

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