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HTC Lost 80% Profit In Q2 Of 2013

The Taiwanese phone maker HTC has just rolled out its unaudited results for Q2, which states that company’s profit   went 83% down in comparison to last year.  The Wall Street Journal reports that the average expected net profit of seven analysts it polled for HTC’s Q2 was NT$2.0 billion which is way far less than last year’s $7.40 billion.

Company is facing a tough competition in Android OEM smart phone market. This smart phone market is been dominated by South Korea’s Samsung so far as Samsung continuously releasing new smart phones according to user taste and budget. It is also in the air that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might arrive in September 2013.

On the other hand HTC is completely relying on ‘HTC one’ which is a quite impressive but costly smart phone. Although company has announced the cheaper version HTC One - HTC One Mini to grab more market share in upcoming quarter.

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