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Are You a Good Content Writer?

Writing an appealing blog requires time, commitment, and a never-ending flow of creative ideas. For most people, keeping up with brainstorming and writing daily posts and preserving individuality on the Internet can be difficult. Most of us remember writing academic papers and essays in high school or college; however, you may be entering in a new territory that requires you to keep aside the textbooks and be creative.

By updating your blog frequently with informational content that is concise and easily readable, you can create a successful blog. However, writing content might not be easy at first.

When writing good content, the first consideration is to have the passion and desire to write. What you write about should also be the soul of your being. It should occupy you enough to love to do it. Your blog is the Internet version of you or your business, so if your passion flows through your words, readers will catch on. Although love for writing is a key element but there are other factors as well to add to your content:
  1. Title: Does your blog post title relate to your content? Does your title capture readers? 
  2. Structure: Can you write an easy-to-read and concise blog post? Do you use bullet points or numbered lists?
  3. Writer’s Voice: This is the writing element that gives your blog that “oh, I know that writer!” personality. You want people to remember you and be charmed by your writer’s voice. Even if it’s through text, you can still manipulate words to create your writer’s voice. What is your writer’s voice? Is it robotic? Is it sarcastic? Is it peppy? How do you define your voice?
  4. Audience: Does your content appeal to your audience or target market? For example, if you write a blog for moms, how does your content help mothers and appeal to them?
  5. Error-Free: Do you understand grammar, spelling, and punctuation to utilize it perfectly in your blog posts? Do you proofread before you post?
Taking these points into consideration is a good way to evaluate if you are on the correct path.  If you checked off each, congratulations!  However, if you are feeling a bit uncertain then check out our next article: When to consider hiring a pro content writer.

About the author
John Gower is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping writers save money through good discount websites.

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