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4 Best Q & A Websites To Get Answers

Do you have a question? Google it! Isn’t it the obvious response you get in general? Everyone loves Google and Googling, after all it is the best search engine ever, so everyone go to, hits the query and gets the answer.

Although sometimes you might have to go through many search results pages to get the exact answer. It sometimes become time consuming and brings irritation. In that case you can use question-and-answer (Q&A) websites. It is simple use them to get answers, just ask your question into an appropriate category and get the answers from community.

Although not every Q&A website has a large community who can answer your questions quickly. So I have analyzed some Q&A websites and brought you 4 best of all.

Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers is probably the most popular place to get the answers from millions of users. You can find many categories and its each category has multiple subdivisions. The website gives 2 points for answering a question, 10 points if your answer gets selected as the best. The more points you get the more corresponding privileges you have on this site.


This community made its debut in 2010, and initially was available only for invited users, now it’s available for everyone who has a Facebook or Twitter account. The main advantage of Quora is that there you can find reputable experts like software developers, marketers, engineers, doctors etc.


Answerbag is also a fantastic Q&A site to find answers for your questions. All you need is to find a relevant category and post a question but make sure the same question already hasn’t been posted. You can also create and post polls there on the site. 

All Experts

This is an old and very popular community. It started in 1998, gathered thousands of volunteers, like doctors, engineers, lawyers and scientists. Here you can find free help from mostly within a day. If you want to ask a question then you need to browse through desired category and have to choose the expert.

Tip:- You must check whether the question has already been posted and answered or not, this makes all these communities clean from duplicate questions.

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