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Your Blog: An Effective Marketing Tool

You've been told that having a blog can be part of an effective marketing strategy, but exactly what role does blogging play?

Blogging as a marketing tool serves a variety of purposes: building your brand, increasing your visibility, and promoting your expertise. It is easy to customize blogging to fit the needs of your business, but when devising your marketing strategy, blogging definitely deserves some time in the spot light.

Building Your Brand
Blogging is one of your best marketing assets because it gives you the opportunity to build your brand. First, the way you choose to write and share content on your blog establishes the “voice” of your company. Are you formal or informal? Do you explain or do you aggregate? Perhaps your blog is a mix of styles, all of which make up your blogging voice.

Your blog also lets you tell your story. You can control the message being promoted on the blog and tailor it to fit your business’ narrative. Blogging allows you to be proactive in shaping your image by sharing and discussing the issues that are central to your services.

Readers get to know you and your business through your blog. Many bloggers—authors are a great example of this—cover topics relating to their personal and professional life on their blogs. This lets readers see that the blogger is a real person and not just a mouthpiece for business.

Increasing Your Visibility
If you’re familiar with SEO, you already know that a blog is an excellent way to increase your visibility. Blogs are naturally content- and keyword-rich, making them great fuel for boosting your SEO ranking. When you write often and in a way that people can understand, you become visible because of your commitment to solid content. Blogs are more likely to be shared by users than some other types of marketing content, which allows your content to travel at the speed of social media.

You can also increase your visibility through blogging by actively encouraging community involvement and social sharing. Make sure that comments are enabled on the blog and that you respond to commenters. This makes people feel connected to the blog and its content. Incorporating social sharing buttons into your blog can be a gentle push to share content. Be sure that you have an active presence on any platforms whose buttons you use.

A blog is also a good destination for people just discovering your business or your services. You can link to your blog from social media profiles or in other places on the web, drawing readers to the blog rather than your business site. A blog gives users something to read and engage with in a more interactive way than a static website.

Promote Yourself as an Expert
Finally, blogging gives you a forum to promote yourself as an expert in your field. If you found a blog that was full of helpful, relevant information, wouldn't you be more likely to work with its author than with the author of a blog with a few pointless posts? Users (and your potential customers) feel the same way. A business that allows their expertise to be known and doesn't mind sharing information promotes itself as a trustworthy entity and builds goodwill.

Blogging also provides the opportunity to promote the expertise you demonstrate in other sources. Publish a book? Share an excerpt on your blog. Did you speak at any industry events or conferences recently? Post the video of your talk. You can also share specific advice by–for example—writing posts that respond to user questions.

This is just the beginning of what your blog can do for you. Regardless of what your business is or what services you offer, make sure to find room for blogging as part of your marketing strategy.

About Author:

John Gower
John Gower is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping   business owners save money with financial tips on everything from social media marketing  strategies to the best savings account.

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