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How To Increase Blog Comments On Your Blog Post

Have you ever notice that some bloggers attract more engagement and blog comments than others? If yes then do you know how? Is it a matter of search engine ranking, traffic or about quality of content?
I have come across numerous blogs that does not even have a single comment in spite of being good content and that too self written. This situation is very upsetting for a blogger because he keeps on posting good articles and does not get a single comment on his posts. 

Comment is a great way for you to learn more about your audience. Here are four tips for you to engage more users with blog comments:-

Write concisely and to the point: - I have seen various blog posts which are 800-1000 words long. I don’t think even 20% of the people will read them even half way through.  Most of the time people do not read they scan the content.  So you need to understand the value of time of your audience.

Include sassy information and data: - People loves if you provide them exact information and data about some issue or topic. Whatever topic you choose to write, find and include little numeric (facts and figures) data about that. Though you should cross check whether data is accurate or not.

Talk to your audience: - If people comment on your blog post then you must start a conversation with them. If they leave a comment you should reply them, answer their query in blog comments. If it is not possible to answer in blog comments then bring a new post to solve their query.

Give badges to frequent users: - it is a decent tactic to engage your reader’s interest in your blog. Everyone likes to get notices and admired, giving special badges to frequent users increase their popularity and they will like to leave more comments as well as by seeing these badges your visitors will increase gradually.

As you know internet is a big world and there will be a lot people who will not be agreed with your points, so you must be ready to face criticism. There are some ways to deal with criticism in comments, I will cover them later.

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