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Guide To Choose The Right Guest Blogging Platform

How to choose the right guest blogging platform
There is no doubt in saying that guest blogging is a powerful SEO tool. The basic idea behind it is to retain customers by creating good and valuable content. Several people published their guest posts which went viral on internet. Although, there were people who didn’t get, what they expected from guest blogging. But considering those we can’t change our plan. In this post I am going to illustrate some points which can heal the issues which people had in their guest blogging plan.

The right guest blogging platform
Obviously you don’t want to publish your post where there is no audience. If you do it then it would be waste of time and efforts. So must choose the right guest blogging platform. Here are Top 10 Best Blogs To Guest Post On.

Domain authority of blog
You should always check the page rank and domain authority to make sure that blog has ranking factors at right place. Check the previous blog posts as well as comments, make sure that they are genuine, not the spammy ones.

Do people like them on social media?
We all know that social media engagement is an important factor in ranking. Google considers content important if it has more shares, likes or +1’s on social media. So make sure your desired platform is popular on social media.

Frequency of blog update
Frequency of blog updates is the most important factor while choosing guest blogging platform. Interval between blog posts should not be more than 2-3 days. Also make sure they publish their own material and quality guest posts.

How does blog interface look like?
Scrutinize the overall user experience of blog, make sure blog look attractive and content is readable. Blog interface is a prominent factor and it also makes sure user stays son blog.

Guest blogging is such a nice way to get popularity and backlinks, if you do it right, you get what you need. So keep writing quality content.

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