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An Easy Guide To Local SEO

After introduction of Google places a couple of years ago and now with launch of Google+ local, the one and only term that come into the picture is Local SEO. You may have heard about Local SEO before, but have you ever think how much impact it can create on your local business? Only having a website is not enough if you are not promoting your business locally. And for doing this it is essential for local business to optimize their website for local SEO.

So before heading to “how to optimize site for local SEO”, let’s talk about what this term actually means:-

What is Local SEO?
When you search something on Google, you will notice your location on the search engine result page at the bottom left side. As Google is committed to deliver you the best results, so it uses your location to customize the search results and provides you localized results. 

Suppose you are in Texas and Google for “buy guitar” then it will first show local results from Texas, not from Seattle or any other place. In short “Local SEO is optimizing a website for local results”.

Who need to incorporate Local SEO?
Persons who are doing business locally, or the businesses who are concerned with local clients are the one who need it. For example restaurants, local travel agencies, dry-cleaners or local grocery shop. They can’t survive in this cut throat competition world without help of Local SEO.

How to optimize your site for local SEO?
  1. The first and basic step is to list your business of Google places, fill all the required details like business name, address, phone number, business owner name, timings of doing business accurately and wait for Google’s verification. 
  2. Another thing is to register your business on foursquare and create a Facebook Page.
  3. You also need to submit your business to various local citation websites like,,, etc
  4. After it you need reviews on all those listed business profiles, especially on Google places. These reviews really help customers to know about your services and products, and trust me Google loves which is helpful for customers.
  5. You should also place a KML file (Keyhole Markup Language) on contact us page of your website. This file expresses geographic locations and annotation for your business. It can show your customers where your business is located on map.

Boosting your local SEO will become an easy task if you spent some time to follow above mention steps. Don’t think your work is finished here, in future if you make any changes in your business, like if you change phone number and timing of business then you must make changes in your business listings too.

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