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3 Quality Ways To Get Many Quality Baclinks

Recently Penguin 2.0 hit the floor and affected around 2.5% English queries. Again many websites lost their top rankings and many of them gained. It happened because intentionally or unintentionally they were found to be involved in creating spammy or low quality backlinks. I know low quality backlinks isn’t the only reason but big enough to get them hit by Google’s Punch. To escape from Google’s punch you need to earn quality back links and here are three awesome ways to earn them:-

Social Media Sites
The easiest method to get quality back links is through your own social media profiles or pages. Whenever you update your website/blog, always share it on your social media pages because if people find it interesting then they automatically share it on their profile. It will increase the authority of your shared link as well popularity. Apart from sharing your own content, you need to share other’s content too, this makes your link earning efforts look genuine.

Well, this method doesn’t assure that you will get back links for sure but there are strong chances to get it. If you write reviews and testimonials for relevant product and services and they get approved by moderator then you get a link back to your site. All you need is to write genuine and honest reviews.

Guest Blogging
After Google’s current update Guest blogging emerged out to be a great technique because in this method along with sharing knowledge, one can get back link also. Though it always requires producing some high quality content otherwise your post will not be approved by blog moderator.

Later, guest blogging can turn out to be great link bait, If people find out your content fascinating then they will distribute it automatically. This can drive more traffic to your blog post and there might be chances that people will click on your back links too.

There are more ways to get quality back links, I will illustrate them in another post. Till than keep reading, keep sharing.

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