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Screaming Frog: The Great SEO Tool

Screaming Frog is a fantastic tool to check the performance of your site. This desktop program is capable of showing you what search engine will find when search engine crawler will crawl your website. This tool can let you know how your site will perform at SERP by giving you a detailed report of issues with your site.

Screaming frog returns a great report when you crawl a website with this tool which includes errors like duplicate content, broken links, server errors, etc.

After downloading software, you need to enter the homepage URL then click on start.  The program will give you various data in different tabs so you can find the issues according to category.

You will see 12 tabs in total starting from internal which goes until custom. “Internal” tab will show you a list of internal pages along with the status code. Similarly, “External” tab will list all external links with the status code.  By status code you can simply find out which page has issues and needs to be fixed.

“Response codes” will tell you whether page has been redirected temporarily or permanently. It can also tell you the inappropriate outbound links that are harmful for your site. “URI” tab will tell you the problems with URL structure.

The “Page Titles” and “Meta Descriptions” tabs can help you with identifying duplicate title tags and Meta description tags. “Image” tab can show you whether you have optimized images or not. For example if title tag or alt tag is missing, then this tool will tell you straight away. You can also export your report to an excel sheet for further process.

Screaming Frog tool is one of the best SEO tools, which is simple to use and available for FREE. So go to Screaming Frog website, download the tool and sort out your site’s issues.


  1. Screaming Frog seems to be a great tool. I will try this one and see how it goes since I am really take time to what will be a the best tool for my jobs. And to assure that it is really worth it as time goes by. As of now, I am engage with ColibriTool. If you want also you can try this tool that I am using rigt now it is also available at

  2. Hey Stacy, thank you for stopping by, Screaming frog is an amazing tool. You must try it, I will also check out the tool you mentioned.


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