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Samsung Galaxy S4 - Review

Galaxy S4, Samsung’s new smart phone, is an exceptional and prominent device from hardware point of view. It has got slightly larger screen than its previous version, Galaxy S III. Furthermore, its display is more sharper then that of Galaxy S3 with the pixel density of 441 ppi. It is among one of the sharpest screens in the gadgets all over the world.

However, it is a highly appraised phone. You should consider it buying for a number of reasons:

Easy Mode: The icons in easy mode are larger as compared to Note II and the Galaxy S III. So, there is a less chance of hitting the wrong one.

Multi Window: Through this feature you can run two apps side by side. But, it works with a limited number of apps.

Air View: This feature let you view the message or image by just hovering your fingers over the phone. Just point your finger to any calendar entry and its contents pop up through a bubble. It means you don’t need to open the entry and then find the back button to return to the main menu.
Smart Pause: This is the best feature for you if you want take break while watching a movie. It will pause the video automatically whenever you look away from the screen. But this feature will not allow you to skip those scenes which you want to avoid by closing your eyes because as you close your eyes it pauses the video.

Air Gesture: You just have to wave your hand over a sensor to browse a photo or scroll through the text. A useful feature while you are driving.

Smart Scroll: It detects the inclination of your phone or head to automatically scroll text. But there is a difficulty in moving back the text without touching the screen as you keep your neck in an uncomfortable position to scrolling.

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