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How To Safeguard Your Website From SEO Penalties

Every time, a Google algorithm lands on SEO field, it creates an upside down effect on rankings. Many websites lose and many websites gain the rankings. Several people from all over the world get scared of consequences on their website by these updates. If you are one of those who are scared, you don’t need to be. I have come up with some ways that will help you to protect your site from these algorithm updates.

Review Websites Links Periodically
Checking your website’s link periodically is as similar as you visit a doctor for health check up. If you don’t do it regularly then you never get to know the root of disease. Similarly, for better results you need to check backlinks of your site. Reviewing website links include:-

Who is linking to your website?
How many links are there for your website?
How many links are high quality and low quality?

You can use numerous SEO tools to keep an eye on your website’s backlinks, but I found these tools the best among all:-

Open Site Explorer
Majestic SEO

After scanning backlinks of your website, if you find low quality and spammy links pointing to your site then you can go for these options:-

1) You can ask the site owner to remove the link.
2) Or, you can use Google Disavow tool. (Though only expert webmasters are advised to use this tool)

Monthly Check-up of Keyword Density
High keyword density means stuffed keywords in content. Search engines hate it, you must avoid this black hat technique. It is a factor that can get your site penalized by search engines.

You should start a little campaign to check keyword density every month. To check it you can use SEO Book's keyword density check tool, this is a very good tool which can tell the keyword density of every keyword on a web page. If you find density exceeding the limit of 3-4% then you should dilute it with synonyms of keywords.

Check your Webmaster account
I have come across many site owners who don’t bother themselves to check webmaster account regularly. This is a blunder, checking webmaster account regularly is indispensable. Webmaster account is the doctor of your website who can check your site’s health as well as provide medication, if your website is sick. Whether there is something wrong with server, or search engine crawler having problem accessing your site, Webmaster tool can let you know of these issues so you can go forward and sort them out.

Earn High Quality Links
Creating links for your website is an old technique, nowadays you need to earn the links from quality sites. One high value link is much better than hundreds of low value links.

You should also keep balance between no-follow and do-follow links, it is considered as less worthy if you don’t earn no-follow links. Most quality sites provide no follow links and it is comparatively hard to get links from those sites. If you get a link from quality site even it is no follow, it adds value to your site and make your link building looks natural.

Additional Tip:-
Never take help of automated tools for link building.

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