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Tools For Finding Link Building, Social Connection And Guest Blogging Opportunity

There are many tools available on web to help in SEO and I found these three tools very useful and beneficial. You can use them for link building, social connectivity and for finding guest blogging opportunity.

Check My Links is a simple but very important tool to review a webpage, if you want to check whether there are any broken links on that page this is the tool you might want to try. It’s pretty simple to use it and it gives you very fast results.

Mozbar is the convenient way to find out the link data, page elements and attributes for the site you need.  As a bonus you also get a SERP overlay so that you can see the link data for sites as you scan through your Google results.

Here are some two tools you can use to connect with social media:-

I quite like this tool, this is pretty handy tool to see contact details of the person you got the mail from, right in the Gmail window. You can see their tweets, recent posts; you can connect with them on LinkedIn or Facebook and get other details that can help you to reach them right at your Gmail window, no need to open other tab.

This is a social media management tool; you can manage popular social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace at one place. This saves a lot of time cause you don’t need to login on every social media site. You just need to login into Hotsuite and you are good to go.

Here are two tools for finding guest blogging opportunities:-

This is an awesome tool to find guest blogging opportunities, You just need to type  your query and this tool will generate multiple Google search queries which you can use to look for guest blogging opportunities. Give it a try.

Buzzstream is a great tool to find guest blogging opportunities.  After setting up and account you need to go to “Research” button from the “link partners” tab. There you will find “prospecting searches”, type your keywords and select a country. After a few minutes you will get an email notification along with search results, now you can filter the best offers and contact them. 


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  2. Great dear... shows ur research hard work..thnks for sharing...

  3. These list of tools are great. I only have ColibriTool and I am using this tool to update me of my performances doing SEO particularly Link building, also I am using this for monitoring keywords and competitor keywords and searching keyword and many other feature that offered by this tool. I will not also missed to used the tools listed above for better blogging.


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