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Remedy To Heal High Bounce Rate For A Website

Before finding out the causes and remedy for high bounce rate, let’s find out the answers of some question below

What is bounce rate?
Should I care about it?

What Is Bounce Rate?

The percentage of website visitors, who see just one page on your site and immediately close it. Bounces are only one page visit, they can’t be multiple page visit.

Example:- A user landed on a website’s home page and immediately closed that page, that page would be considered as bounced page and further calculation according to bounced page events will give you the bounce rate.

A little calculation:- 50 people closed the page / 100 people landed on the page = 50% bounce rate

Should I Care About It?

Yes, definitely
Bounce rate measure the quality of traffic you are obtaining on your website. Google consider bounce rate as a ranking factor.  It’s an indicator to make sure whether a site is entertaining, offers quality information or not.

Now we know why we should care about it, so let’s move to an important discussion.

What Are The Causes And How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

In this section I have included the causes of high bounce rate and the remedy to heal it, simultaneously.


If a user lands on a page which is taking more than 15 seconds to load, that user will more likely to close the webpage. Speed of website is a ranking factor and if a site is slow to load then it will make negative effects for both users and search engines.

To heal this you should remove spaces from content and from source code of your website which has been left by developer, also you should acquire hosting space from good hosting.

Poor Website Design
Poor website design includes two factors 1st is graphical ability, 2nd readability. Graphical ability means ability of a website to catch the eyes of users and compel them to stay on your website. Readability’s concern is with user experience, it’s about formatting of content.

To improve the website design you should hire efficient web development services or the feasible template which fulfills the requirement of your website. You should also choose appropriate font-family, font –size etc for content. Search Engine Journal is good example for this, their font style and formatting of content is really attractive for users.


Pop-ups disrupt the user experience, they annoy people, and you should not put them on your website.


This is also a major factor; if a user doesn't find navigation links then user would not be able to figure out what to do next on the site.

You should place navigation links at the right place so a user can easily look out the content throughout your website.

Long Post

Users scan the content they do not read entire content, if they find something interesting in the content then they stop and read that section. That is what a user’s tendency and user doesn't bother with long post usually.

To heal this you should split up the content in chunks, it makes it easier for a user to read and understand.

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