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Four Tools For Creating Attractive Infographic

Info-graphics and visualizations are really effective ways to present information. They are attractive and easy to understand; hence they tend to engage more people than text based content. There are many online resources to create visuals and info-graphics to add value to content; I have chosen out four great visual tools you can use to create visualizations, here are they:- is a free web-based tool for creating info-graphics. It is really good tool for creating conceptual visuals and storytelling but it doesn't allow you to create graphs using real data. This tool has beautiful templates to create map, flow-chart, and comparison/relationship visuals. It also provides appealing objects like people, landmarks, maps, animals, etc.) One more advantage is that you can add your own images with the free version.

This tool is web based and free to use for everyone, this tool allows you to create charts using real data. There are more than 30 chart options to create attractive displays like bubble graph, map chart etc. It lets you add your own images and video, you can embed your info-graphic on a website too.

Another free web based tool for everyone, it allows you to integrate with social networks to analyze Twitter and Facebook data. The site itself also has thousands of great info-graphics to inspire you. This platform offers a marketplace where you can connect with visual designers and motion graphics artists.


Piktochart is a web-based tool; it has a set of six decent free themes for creating simple visualizations. This tools is preferable for the beginners, you can drag and drop different shapes and images. When you finish with your visual you can download it as PNG or JPEG image, however you get a watermark on the bottom of info-graphic.

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