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Apple Is On High, Sold Over 48 million iPhones In First Fiscal Quarter

iPhone 5
Consumer electronics company Apple said today that it sold 47.8 million iPhones in the fiscal first quarter (or the last quarter of the calendar year). Now it is being curious whether the iPhone 5 can keep up with the pace of sales on future or not. The iPhone is a main cause of revenue and growth for Apple, it is the most important product of Apple among other products like iPad, iPod etc.

Apple doesn't break out sales of each iPhone model, but Apple's CEO Tim Cook said the mix between iPhone 5 sales and older models was similar to the mix of iPhone 4S and its prior models a year ago. He mentioned that the average selling price for the iPhone business was roughly equal. Apple has been benefited from a huge number of satisfied iPhone users so far and a lot of new customers are buying the phone which is a big win for Apple.

Cook also announced 36 more carriers would get LTE support for the iPhone 5, including carriers in Italy, Denmark, Finland, the Philippines, and several Middle Eastern countries.

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