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SEO 2013: Factors That Will Dominate The SEO Industry

Competition is getting higher everyday in SEO industry and it requires you to get updated with industry trends so you can rise to the top of the SERPs. There is a standard motto you should follow to get maximum outcome of your SEO efforts which is “delivering value to your reader” that should be the primary task of any SEO organization or SEO individual. Here are the tactics will rule the SEO field in 2013.

Quality Content

The giant search engine Google is very much clear about good-quality content, and this trend will last for a long time predominantly. You should focus on adding value to your content so you can enhance the knowledge of user.

Author Rank

In August of 2005 Google filed a patent about Author Rank, since then nothing much happened with this term. In February 2012 this term started to create buzz in the industry and now it is a big changer. Author Rank adds credibility and value to your blog/website, and it will be crucially important in 2013.

Social Signals For Your Content

Social signals are important ranking factors for your content nowadays, amount of +1s, shares, retweets, and mentions are going to play vital role in ranking. Most important is +1s because Google+ has transcended Twitter and has become second largest social network after Facebook.

Mobile Friendly Design Of Your Website

Everyone is aware of growing presence of tablets and smartphones, there are millions of smartphone and tablet users in the world and you certainly don’t want to avoid that big amount of readers by not optimizing your website for mobile devices. So you better hurry up with mobile optimized website design.

Local SEO

Businesses having local reach and those who apply Local SEO on their website will get benefit by ranking well at SERP. Google wants to deliver more accurate results according to user’s geographic location, that is why map data, listings, citations, and reviews on local information sites have emerged and you should optimize your site for them.

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