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Awesome tools to check your webpage's speed

How to check a webpage's speed?
How much time does a webpage takes to load on a browser?

Wondering how to check that !! There are many tools which are available for free to check how fast is your webpage, but I found some of them very easy to use and effective. Hope these tools will help you.

1. PageSpeed Insight:- PageSpeed Insight is pretty useful tool by Google. It analyses your webpage then suggests you the tips to make that webpage faster. PageSpeed Insight is availale as an extension for Mozilla firefox and Google chrome. To use this tool click here
PageSpeed Insight
PageSpeed Insight
2. YSlow:- YSlow is the tool developed by Yahoo, it is available for firefox, chrome, safari, opera. It gives suggestions to improvise the page's performance, summarizes the components of page & then displays statistics about the page. To use this tool click here

3. Webpagetest:- Webpagetest is also a very nice tool which you don't need to install, you can use it online.You can see webpage's analytical review as well as visual comparison among webpages. To use this tool click here

4. GTmetrix:- GTmetrix is a handy website speed checker tool which is available online and easy to use. It does also give 'Did you know' tip while it analyse your webpage. To use this tool click here

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