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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Every website owner wants top ranking for his/her website on search results of a search engine and it is not easy to get that top rank on SERP(Search engine result page). So how can we get a top rank on SERP, to understand that first of all we need to know what is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the rank of a web page in the SERP of target search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo) for a set of identified key phrases. SEO can be performed by two ways:-
SEO - search engine optimization
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      1. On page
      2. Off page

1. On page SEO:- To perform on page SEO let's consider that you own a blog and there is one page which provides information about Microsoft Windows Surface Tab. Now you want to get a higher rank for that page, to do that you need to keep some rules in your mind which are following:-
  • Anticipate those key words/phrases which a user/client will type in a search engine. 
  • You need to use Header tag smartly. Header tags are HTML tags which starts from H1 to H6, Use H1 tag only once in a webpage, multiple H2 to H6 tags are allowed but they should be in a ascending order.
  • People likes images in a webpage but a search engine does not crawl an image, instead a search engine crawls it's "alt" tag. So you should define target keyword in Image alt tag. For example: <img src= "images/Windows-Surface3.jpg" alt="Windows Surface" / >
  • The web page's content should be fresh, Target keywords must be mentioned in appropriate limit.
  • Key word proximity (which defines that how close two keywords are to make a targeted key phrase) should be there in the content.

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