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Search Engine Optimization - Meta Tag Writing

  • Meta tag writing is also a major factor to get a higher rank. It includes in On page SEO technique. Meta tags fields are:
Meta Tags

  1. Title: It is defined in the head section of a webpage, you should carefully choose key words/phrases for title tag because it contains most important key words for a webpage.
    For example : <title>Cleaning Company | Cleaning Companies | Cleaning Contractor | Dublin </title>

  2.   Keyword: It is also a major meta tag which is defined in head section of a webpage similarly like Title tag. It contains anticipated keywords and key phrases.
    For example : <meta name=”keywords” content=”insert up to a maximum of 6 keywords here” />

  3. Description: This field contains a brief information about your webpage which is called snippet in SERP.
    For example : <meta name=”description” content=”Keyword rich copy here to describe the content of the page” />
Many people have this misconception that SEO is done for website at first sight, up to the extension of my knowledge this is not true. SEO process is done for web pages for their targeted key words OR key phrases at first sight.

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